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Dyno Solutions  by HT Racing / Vulcan Engineering

Engine Dyno

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Using the Superflow 901 with the powerful WinDyn sofware package we can offer an excellent engine setup within a controlled enviroment.This machine has a capacity of 1000 BHP / 1000 lbs/ft, but can also accurately

test engines under 100 BHP.


As all temperatures can be set and held at the required value ( including air temp on forced induction ), this machine provides unrivaled ability to map engines.


Most engines can be fitted onto the dyno, we do have a range of bracketry for Ford, BMW, Rover K, American V8, Formula BMW, FF Duratec, we do have in house fabricating facilities for doing dyno installs.


Services offered are the same as the rolling road, dyno tune costs start from £450 plus VAT.


A FOC video service is included if required.